Sergio Coppola for Congress

"We need a congressional representative in the 6th District that is ready to work with both Democrats and Republicans and who is ready to focus on issues that affect everyone. As a Moderate Democrat, I will work with both sides to move our district and our country forward."

I am reaching out to every person in Virginia's 6th District to elect me to pass laws that protect people. Families can no longer afford the high costs of tomorrow like health care and education. Women's rights are still being neglected and the rights of immigrants are ignored. We need sensible gun regulations, while also protecting the rights of responsible gun owners. There are people serving sentences instead of receiving help, and many programs in place to help the less fortunate are under-funded.
As your representative, I will work hard to pass legislation that will secure your family's health, financial security, and your individual rights. If you agree that it is important to protect people and believe it is time for government to do that, then help me improve our district and move our country forward by electing me as your 6th District representative.

Your Vote Matters!

Health insurance premiums in the 6th District have doubled and tripled for many people and their families, and employers are dropping family policies because of high rates. Many children do not have access to Pre-K education and there are hungry children within our communities. Higher education costs continue to rise and there are not enough blue-collar skilled workers.
I plan to fix these issues with my “Dual Care” plan, a public buy in option at 9% household income. Expand Pre-K to be available to all children. Free school breakfast and lunches will provide at least 2 meals a day for children. Free community college and vocational education will lower education expenses and train more blue-collar workers.
These are not Republican or Democratic issues; they are issues that affect all people. If you support me, I will go to Washington to pass laws to help people and their families.

Your District

Warren, Front Royal, Shenandoah, Page, Rockingham, Harrisonburg, Augusta, Fishersville, Staunton, Waynesboro, Highland, Bath, Rockbridge, Lexington, Buena Vista, Amherst, Lynchburg, Botetourt, Bedford, Roanoke.