About Sergio

Virginia's 6th District has always been home. Sergio grew up in Bridgewater, VA where his father runs a small business. He graduated from Turner Ashby High School and afterwards entered the workforce obtaining different positions in Information Technology and management. He is married to Jennifer Coppola and lives with their two dogs, Lilly and Penny, in the Harrisonburg area. Sergio later went to Blue Ridge Community College and graduated with an Associates in Arts and Science, and recently graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelors of Science with concentrations in Computer Science, Business, and Politics. Within his academic studies he has researched the United States' political structure, national and international healthcare, and focuses on bringing forward a more unified approach between political parties. While the Affordable Care Act has had some positive influences, it has not met the needs of many Americans, and Sergio's primary focus is to fix America's health care system with his "Dual Care" plan.