Dual Care Plan

Dual Care is a system which allows households to determine whether to go find their own insurance provider or contribute to a federally organized healthcare system.

Amendments under the Dual Care System

• In implementing the Dual Care plan, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continuing actions would be placed on a freeze and further actions would be evaluated and either amended into the Dual Care plan or repealed.
• Businesses would no longer be required to provide healthcare coverage, but would still have the option to provide coverage if desired for tax credits and other government benefits.
• Household contribution to the federally organized healthcare system would be determined by the household’s income and would be set at a 9% flat rate.
• The money collected from the federally organized healthcare system can be used for healthcare expenses ONLY.

• Households would be protected by a proposed “Affordability Act." This would state that the government cannot impose mandates or "taxes" on a determined “necessity” to its citizens without providing an affordable payment method based on a percentage of household income.
• With the "Affordability Act" in place the mandate will still be in effect.
• Doctors will need to determine which network plan to participate in: public, private, or both.
• Medicaid healthcare benefits and Medicare will be automatically covered under the federally organized healthcare option.
• Any additional amendments to the Dual Care plan must pertain only to healthcare and/or healthcare reform and can in no way remove the federally organized household contribution mechanism.